Monday, November 8, 2010

AP Studio Art Concentration

For my junior year AP Art Studio class, I was required to create a concentration of pieces on a certain topic. I chose to expand on the idea from my final work in Chicago, and explore the complex characters that would be found at a carnival.

The piece to the right was my first exploration of the down-and-0ut clown that is so often seen at carnivals.
His expression, his melting figure, and the mask that hangs below him are all indications of how trapped he is inside of his make-up. The background is a blur of colors and emotions that constantly circle his life.

"Layers", Oil on Canvas, 18"x 24"

"An Identity Lost", Oil on Canvas, 12"x 18"

This piece reaches a deeper level, where the make-up and mask is layered, in order to represent the layers that these people, and people in general have to hide behind. The close-up of the face is intended to reach out to the viewer
and peer through them, in order to force them to examine themselves and their own personal masks.

"Interpretation", Oil on Canvas, 10' x 2'

This painting to the right was a experiment in size and it's effect on the viewer. The canvas is very tall, reaching 10 feet in hi
ght, and 2 feet across. I painted the character with a neutral expression in order to really force the viewer to make an opinion about his well-being. I left a sheet out next to the piece for two weeks for anyone to comment on. I received over a forty reactions, ranging from creepy to depressing to happy. The piece made a huge impact on a lot of students, even an offer to buy it.

"Definition", Oil on Canvas, 18"x 24"

This piece to the left is of a masked character that is defined in his mask and surroundings, but is loosing definition in his body. This is a representation of how permanent masks can become, and how they can start to become a person's identity before they know it. He is holding his world in his hands, and everything else is loosing its hold on him.